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Affiliate's Commission Records Page.

After becoming an Affiliate, the following items are displayed on your Affiliate's Commission Records Page:

(1) Your name, address, phone number, fax number and e-mail (as provided by you during your on-line Affiliate's Application process - you can update these details anytime, should it be necessary).

(2) The unique url supplied by the Registration Agents. (html code to be copied and pasted into the html codes on your web site or web sites, if using more than one).

(3) A facility to change your password (a password is required to log into your Affiliate's Commission Records Page from any of the Registration Agents' websites - you can change your password anytime).

(4) The names of any other Web Sites you own and from which you wish to publicise the Personal Domain Service (you can paste your unique url into the html codes on other web sites you own to promote our Personal Domain Service, but first they must be listed and your ownership confirmed).

(5) As an Affiliate, you can name the link displayed on your web site as either 'Want your own Web-Site?' or you can use any alternatively worded promotional link, logo or advert, the links you display on individual web sites you own, can all be worded differently to have greater appeal to your website visitors, although the same unique url has to be pasted into the html codes on all of your web sites, .

(6) A Payments Button. (you can activate your Commission Payments Button to receive commission you are entitled to, in accordance with item 4(i) of the Affiliate's Agreement

Affiliates can easily keep track of the commission they earn:

As an Affiliate, you simply enter your website address in the box displayed upon clicking the Log-In button on any of Our Pages Ltd's own web sites (like the penultimate button on the left of this web site) and then enter your name and password and follow the progress of your introductions by viewing:

(i) the "registration status" of referrals introduced to the Registration Agents by Customers who have clicked the 'Want your own Web-Site?' link or any alternatively worded link on your Web Site(s)


(ii) the "availability of cleared funds" due to you.

Affiliate's commission will be held on trust until paid over:

Our Pages Ltd will credit 'One Pound' commission to the 'Intruducing Affiliate' upon receiving the first years' subscription from their 'Introduced Customer' for use of the Personal Domain Service; this will be held on trust on behalf of the Affiliate until paid over to them.

Commission will only be paid to the Affiliate by Our Pages Ltd ONLY on a quarter day, namely 25th March, 24th June, 29th September or 25th December and that they also agree ONLY to make a commission claim in respect of a minimum of 10 introduced Customers that have been using the Personal Domain Service for a minimum period of 3 months after their 7 days' trial period has ended. The Affiliate agrees to open a PayPal Account into which the Registration Agents will deposit commission payments when the Affiliate becomes entitled to receive them. Only if these criteria are met, will the Affiliate be entitled to receive any commission payment. An e-mail reminder will be sent to the Affiliate seven days in advance of a quarter day to remind them to activate their 'Commission Payments Button' on the Affiliate's Commission Records Page in order for them to receive the Commission that they have become entitled to.

Important: Commission may be forfeited when a new customer is introduced by an Affiliate who then fails to meet the criteria for payment, as set out in the previous paragraph, within a period of 12 months from making their introduction.

To be entitled to receive any commission payments in respect of past, current or future Introduced Customers, the Affiliate must agree to display their unique url at all times from at least one of their Web Sites in order to be able to direct Visitors to one of the Registration Agents' Web Sites.

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Affiliates Agreement sets out Terms and Conditions.
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